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Membership Types:

  • Adult ($111) - An attending ticket for ages 18+*

  • **Youth ($55) -  An attending ticket for ages 6 - 17* at the time of the convention

  • **Child ($1) - An attending ticket for ages 0 - 5* at the time of the convention

  • Supporting ($33) - A non-attending ticket

  • Day Membership Friday ($44) - An attending ticket for Friday only

  • Day Membership Saturday ($55.50) - An attending ticket for Saturday only

  • Day Membership Sunday ($55.50) - An attending ticket for Sunday only

  • Day Membership Monday ($44) - An attending ticket for Monday only

Membership to the North American Discworld Convention is what you buy instead of a ticket, and entitles you to entry to all events at the Convention (except the Gala  Banquet, which is paid for separately). You can buy your membership here, and upon payment you'll be added to the membership list and receive an email confirming your membership number. When you arrive at the Convention itself, you'll need to go to our Registration Desk to collect your badge, event programme and member pack. 

*Age restrictions applicable from first day of the convention - September 1st, 2017. 

**All youth's and children must be accompanied by an attending adult.


Maximum number of characters: 25

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Membership for the 2017 North American Discworld Convention. Your membership entitles you to entry to all of the events at the Convention (with the exception of the Gala Dinner, which is paid for separately).

Important: Please ensure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions before purchasing your membership.

Other Notes:

Youth memberships are for people aged 6 to 17.

Child Membership is available to children below the age of 5 at the time of the Convention. All children must be accompanied by a (at least nominally) responsible adult.

Your Badge Name is the name that will appear on your membership badge and also on the Membership List. Your Badge Name is limited to 25 characters (for ease of printing, if nothing else).

The confirmation of your membership will be emailed to the email address entered on this form upon payment, so please double check that it's the right email address for the person concerned.

Please note that if you tick a box to say you’d be interested in volunteering, you are under no obligation and we won’t mind if you later decide not to.