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Discworld.com - Formerly PJSM Prints. Everything you could possibly want from Discworld, including all the latest Pratchett news, from travels to movies.

The Discworld Emporium - home of the Cunning Artificer

Josh Kirby Art - The official Josh Kirby website

L-Space is the repository of all things Discworld

The Terry Pratchett - Official Harper Collins Website

Colin Smythe Ltd - Terry Pratchett's agent provides a comprehensive listing of the many translations and editions of the books, associated merchandising, etc.

Discworld and Pratchett Wiki - Contribute your own Discworld knowledge to this growing online resource.

Discworld Monthly - Free monthly on-line newsletter about Sir Terry Pratchett and his novels.

Wossname - Online newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion...

DWCon - The International Discworld Convention site.

IDWCon - The Irish Discworld Convention site.

Cabbagecon 4 - The Dutch Discworld Convention site.

Scheibenwelt Convention - The German Discworld Convention site.

AUSDWCon - The Australian Discworld Convention site.

Discworld Reading Guide Infographic - Available as a pdf download.

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