Welcome to NADWCON 2017

The location of the hotel provides excellent access to the French Quarter and a whole host of restaurants. September is often home to the Seafood festival and the Craft Beer festival here in New Orleans. Within a few steps of the hotel, guests can enjoy some of New Orlean's best restaurants, for every taste and budget. Beignets and bananana daquiris anyone?

Below are some recommendations based on district, starting with the French Quarter.

The French Quarter

  • Galatoires on Bourbon Street is an institution and the place to go for traditional French-Creole cuisine
  • GW Fins is another very popular seafood restaurant.
  • Bayona Chef Susan Spicer’s 26 year old restaurant is always an excellent choice. More of a worldly menu with international influences.
  • Brennan’s is another restaurant with tradition. It closed recently and reopened soon thereafter to rave reviews. This is an inspired choice for brunch!
  • Mr B’s Bistro serves excellent Creole food in a casual atmosphere.
  • Acme Oyster House and Felix’s Oyster Bar are both great choices for casual Creole food. They are right across the street from each other but Acme always has the line in front of it.
  • Doris Metropolitan is an Israeli steakhouse that opened in Costa Rica and New Orleans. The steaks are great with an excellent wine list. Some consider this the best steakhouse in town.
  • Pierre Maspero’s serves HUGE hamburgers. The food is cheap and plentiful. It is very popular.
  • Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse is cavernous but the steaks are excellent as is the service.
  • The Gumbo Shop is a go to choice for an excellent Creole lunch where you can try, not only gumbo, but crawfish remoulade, shrimp creole, jambalaya and red beans and rice.
  • Tableau is Dickie Brennan's latest production and features Louisiana Creole dishes prepared by talented chef, John Martin and his equally talented culinary team. Look for traditional Creole dishes with an updated approach. Enjoy courtyard dining, as well as balcony dining with some of the best views in the Quarter. A favourite for both chairs too!
  • Central Grocery has excellent Italian products but they are famous for the Muffuletta sandwich- sliced meats and an olive dressing on a circular bread. They are very large and a half will easily suffice.
  • Café du Monde, of course, serves the iconic beignets and café au lait. This is perfect for early morning or late at night.

The Warehouse District

  • Cochon is Donald Link’s incredibly popular restaurant centered around pork. Get reservations in advance.
  • Cochon Butcher is next door and is an upscale sandwich shop. Also exceptional food.
  • Emeril’s the original restaurant is still a great place to go. The food is excellent but ask for some of Chef Emeril’s original dishes like the Andouille crusted fish in meuniere sauce over the shoestring potatoes and don’t forget the banana crème pie!

The Central Business District

  • Domenica is another restaurant headed up by Alon Shaya. Partly owned by John Besh serves up some of the most authentic Italian food anywhere outside of Italy. It is also known for the great pizza.
  • Lüke is John Besh’s ‘homage to the grand old Franco-German brasseries that once reigned in New Orleans’ The restaurant is casual and the food is excellent.
  • Johnny Sanchez. John Besh and Aaron Sanchez team up for exceptional Mexican inspired food. The restaurant is casual while the food is incredibly flavorful.


  • Emeril’s Delmonico is on St Charles and is an excellent steakhouse with a Creole influence especially with the appetizers.
  • Mr John’s Steakhouse is another steakhouse on St Charles with mostly a local clientele as it is widely considered one of the best in the city.
  • Pascal’s Manale is on Napoleon Street and is known for Barbequed Shrimp - Baked shrimp with lots of butter and cayenne pepper. It is wonderful! Another locals hangout.
  • Camellia Grill at the Riverbend is an iconic greasy spoon loved by locals for, not only the food, but the personality of the waiters there. A great choice for breakfast.

Highest Recommended Restaurants in the City

  • Commanders Palace in the Garden District. Modern Creole cooking. This is widely considered one of the best restaurants in the country. A beautiful setting and highly recommended. Chefs Paul Prudhomme and Emeril Lagasse started their careers as the head chef at this restaurant. James Beard award winning Tory McPhail is the current executive chef.
  • Restaurant R’evolution in the Royal Sonesta hotel in the French Quarter opened in 2012 and is widely considered one of the best in the city. The food is modern uptake on Cajun and Creole cuisine.
  • Restaurant August is located in the CBD walking distance to the Sheraton. In New Orleans, our chefs are celebrities. John Besh is one of the superstars here and owns several restaurants. August is his flagship. The cooking is more French with a Creole influence.
  • Herbsaint Chef Donald Link is another superstar chef with some of the best restaurants in the city. Herbsaint is his flagship and has a menu that is inspired by French and Italian cooking. It is located in the Warehouse district on St Charles. The streetcar will take you right there.
  • Shaya is a new restaurant but has already been named the best new restaurant in the country by the James Beard Awards. Alon Shaya is Israeli and his modern take on Israeli inspired cuisine is sensational. The restaurant is on Magazine Street uptown.
  • Brigtsen’s is way uptown near the riverbend area where the streetcar turns. Chef Frank Brigtsen owns this Creole cuisine restaurant in an uptown house location.
  • Clancy’s is in an uptown neighborhood serves classic Creole cuisine. It is a favorite of locals.
  • Le Petit Grocery is also on Magazine across the street from Shaya. James Beard Award winning chef Justin Devillier serves Southern style cuisine.
  • Peche in the Warehouse district is a favorite seafood restaurant. Ryan Prewitt is the chef here who owns it with Donald Link. The grilled whole fish is amazing. This restaurant is very popular. Make reservations early here.
  • Root / Square Root are in the same location on Magazine Street in the Lower Garden District. Chef Philip Lopez has put together two incredibly creative restaurants. The food is a bit whimsical and defies any attempt to classify it. Two excellent choices here- upstairs is the traditional restaurant Root and downstairs is the very special Square Root where for $150.00, patrons sit around a counter and watch the chef prepare a 15 course tasting menu. It is a special occasion restaurant and well worth it.

For orientation purposes, The Sheraton hotel is on Canal Street, which historically divided the city from the French Quarter. In front of the hotel is the French Quarter. In walking outside the hotel, to the right is the river and to the left two blocks is Bourbon Street.  Behind the hotel is the CBD or Central Business District. There are some excellent restaurants here.  This area extends from around Magazine to Baronne all the way to Poydras. If you continue uptown away from the French Quarter and cross Poydras, you come to an area known as The Warehouse District. The borders would generally be from Poydras to the Calliope St and from Carondelet to the river. The Warehouse district is filled with art galleries and some of the best restaurants in the city including Emeril’s. The incredible National WWII museum is also there. The St Charles streetcar will take you uptown past Lee Circle. It travels through the area called Uptown. About 20 blocks past Lee Circle is the Garden District full of large antebellum homes and the location of Commander’s Palace. Five blocks from St Charles towards the river is Magazine Street where more restaurants are located.

Please enjoy New Orleans- walk around the French Quarter soaking up the history by day and the lewdness by night. Take a ride up the St Charles Streetcar to see what many consider to be one of the most beautiful streets in the country (in spite of the construction), sing along at the dueling piano bar at Pat O’Brien’s, take a ride on the riverboat from downtown to Audubon Park uptown and visit the zoo, end the night at the Carousel Bar at the historic Monteleone Hotel a few blocks from the Sheraton. As they say here- Laissez le bon temps roullez- let the good times roll!