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Co-Chair - Richard Atha-Nicholls

RichardRichard has been a Discworld fan since 1989 when he first read Sourcery. Since then he has been to multiple events the Roundworld over, and been part of many a hair-brained scheme all in the name of Discworld. He's performed a variety of roles, from being the first official gopher in 1996, to chair of the NADWCon2013. Richard is also very active in the local community theater scene, a drummer with a local Samba group, and a sound engineer whenever the need arises. And that's in his spare time - when not plotting another convention of course! chair@nadwcon2017.org

Co-Chair - Emily S. Whitten

EmilyEmily is an attorney, convention organizer, journalist for ComicMix.com, podcaster and radio personality, and writer; and an avid fan of all things Discworld and Pratchett. She co-founded the North American Discworld Convention, and served as NADWCon 2009's Vice Chair, Webmaster, Pre-Con Programming Director, and Co-Guest Liaison Coordinator, as well as co-running online publicity and communications and acting as one of Sir Terry's at-con guest liaisons. Emily then served as Chair and Co-Guest Liaison Coordinator for NADWCon 2011. Other Discworld claims to fame include being knighted a Dame of Discworld by Sir Terry in 2011, and being Tuckerized in both Snuff and Raising Steam. Emily has also run Programming for Awesome Con DC 2014, served as guest liaison for Balticon 43's Artist Guest of Honor, and volunteered at Capclave, a DC-area literary convention. chair@nadwcon2017.org

Marketing & Communications - Amy Atha-Nicholls

AmyMaker of stuff, nonsense and mischief by decree, Amy has also been known to be a puppeteer, costumer, Chair wrangler, pyrographer, designer, playwright, archer, wench (when required), and Assassin on occasion (specializing in heart attacks...) Amy wears many hats. She knows that Hats is important. She has a small obsession with dragons and cannot resist an opportunity to play dress-up. marketing@nadwcon2017.org

Program Director - Caryn Hobby

CarynCoordinator in craftiness, pawky puzzler, deadly dancer, toughened teacher, and wily witch. Caryn likes fitting two ends together to create a seamless efficient experience. By the learning the arts of deadly dancing she has learned how to not only take a couple punches, but roll with them too. She loves languages, cultures, and storytelling. program@nadwcon2017.org

Program Assistant - Andrea Hetley

AndreaAndrea (note pronunciation) Hetley is an archivist in training, completing a masters degree in Library Science with a concentration in archives management.  Though she is a librarian, she doesn’t say ook.  Usually.  She may if you ask her nicely.  She has attended all three previous NADWCons, and the most recent DWCon in the UK and had a wonderful time at all of them.  She is very excited to be working with the NADWCon committee, and will be working on programming. program@nadwcon2017.org

Hotel Liaison & Gala Banquet - Elizabeth Navi

ElizabethFlaneur and bon vivant. Devoted to urban exploration, literary pursuits and all things Terry. Made the pilgrimage to the lock of Milton’s hair at Keats-Shelley House. Fellow of the RSA, Arts Council member, part of diverse groups such as the Blake Society, Army & Navy Club, Literary London Society, Open-City, Society for Theatre Research, and really any club that will have her.  hotel@nadwcon2017.org

Art Show Coordinator & Dealer Liaison - Lyn Marie Neuenfeldt

Lyn Marie

Lyn Marie and her faithful wonderpups Gurgi and Tanner have spent many hours “lost in the DiscWorld” listening to the books while creating worlds of mischief together in her Sculpturial Lair.  At the tender age of 5 her grandfather took her to see “The Creature of the Black Lagoon” which began an odd love affair with a world of not so cuddly creatures.  After encasing her younger brother in a plaster head cast at the age of 10 to make a “scary mask” (which ultimately required a doctor to cut off) she convinced her parents to purchase some instruction books on theatre make-up.  Although sidetracked briefly by a valiant attempt at law-school, Lyn Marie then spent two years at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design studying sculpture and illustration. This path led ultimately to a freelance work doing restoration work for the “Vision of Jim Henson” a touring exhibit paying tribute to one of her most profound influences.  

When not working as a special effects make-up artist and sculptor, creating characters and creatures for Broadway and Movies she is tucked away at Wylde Wood Sanctuary home of her Art Studio ( “DobbyLyn ArtWorks”) in WI. dealer@nadwcon2017.org

Charity Auction - Bill O'Connor

BillBill discovered Terry Pratchett with 'Soul Music' and promptly forgot him. He later rediscovered Terry with 'Guards, Guards' and immediately fell in love, this time permanently. Bill has patterned his life after Endos the Listener and has vowed to listen more than he speaks. Unless he's drunk, of course. He can often be found with his iconograph prancing around like an idiot as if he owned the place. He likes good scotch, which he is always willing to share. auction@nadwcon2017.org

Volunteer Coordinator - Richard S. Hetley

Richard SThe other Richard (or the other other Richard) is a psychologist, editor, gamer, and cat lover, either consecutive or concurrent.  He discovered Discworld back in his formative years when he was still learning the difference between "color" and "colour" and was warped irreparably.  Since then he has done science as a team, crowdfunded projects as a team, and lived in marriage as a team, and hopes to see the con's volunteers become their own marvelous team.  He attended and loved each and every NADWCon like a little kitten, a statement you may parse at will. volunteer@nadwcon2017.org

Guest Liaison - Beth Zipser

BethBeth Zipser discovered Terry Pratchett in the dim, dark, past, when the books could be counted on two fingers, and has been hooked ever since.  When not reading, she works on numerous conventions, doing art shows, programming, treasury, and other jobs she has been roped into over the years.

Guest Liaison - Mike Zipser

MikeWhen he was in the sixth grade, a friend named Jerome showed Mike his first science fiction book. He’s been reading science fiction and fantasy almost exclusively ever since. Much later he and his lovely wife ,Beth, discovered fandom. Together they have worked on or run convention Art Shows, Programming, Operations, and much more for more years than they care to think about. When not reading, Mike watches a whole lot of TV and horror films, plays RPGs, and enjoys retirement.

Hexmaster - Rob 'Feyd' Grundy

FeydScientist, software developer, steadfast member of the Omnian Temperance Society and usually found in a suit of armour at a discworld convention. Overly complicated costume tech (mainly hats) a speciality, along with a good single malt. Rob is the programme/webmaster for the Irish Discworld Convention (idwcon.org), and normally runs one of the guilds at the UK DWCon. webteam@nadwcon2017.org