Welcome to NADWCON 2017

Dealer Contract

Convention Venue:

Sheraton New Orleans

500 Canal Street

New Orleans, LA 70130


September 1 – 4, 2017

Dealer Membership:

All Dealers, as members of RavenQuoth, Inc. must abide by all rules, policies, procedures, terms and conditions established for members and for Dealers. Dealer agrees to accept responsibility for compliance of these by all members of its party during all times of the convention. Completion of the Dealer Application and payment of a Dealer Membership indicates Dealer’s agreement. At registration each member will receive a Convention Badge that must be worn at all times on the convention floor. Badges are non-transferable and are not replaceable.

Dealer Costs:


With Membership

Without Membership

First Table



Second Table



Third Table



Fourth Table




Since convention attendance is limited to members of RavenQuoth, Inc., all booth assistants must register as members. Dealers, being full members, have the same access as other attendees to all convention activities.

Dealers wanting two or more memberships for one table should register the additional individuals as regular members.

Membership Payment:

After receiving a confirmation email of acceptance, payment may be made by credit card through the website or by mailing a check payable to RavenQuoth, Inc. to PO Box 651, Severna Park, MD 21146. If any payment made by Dealer is not honored, Dealer shall pay a return payment fee of thirty dollars ($30) for each such payment.

Dealer Cancellations:

Dealer memberships and table payments are non-refundable but may be transferred with the approval of the Dealer Liaison. A transfer fee of $33 will be charged. If you find you are unable to attend, please notify the Dealer Liaison immediately. Since our intention is to provide a variety of merchandise and a vibrant Dealer Room to our members, we will attempt to find a suitable replacement vendor. Dealers are encouraged to assist in finding a replacement vendor if they find they are unable to attend.

Hotel Reservations:

To reserve a room, please click here or use the hotel link provided on the Hotel page of our website. Alternatively you can call the hotel to make your reservation, ensuring you mention the event to receive the convention discount.

Dealer Room Schedule:

Thursday 8/31/17   

Noon. – 8 p.m. Set Up for Dealers

Friday 9/1/17

9 a.m. – Noon Set Up

Noon – 4 p.m. Open

Saturday 9/2/17

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sunday 9/3/17

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Monday 9/4/17

10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Open

1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Take Down

3 p.m. – 4.p.m. Closing Ceremony

4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Take Down as needed


Setup & Take Down:

Dealers may schedule use of the freight elevator by contacting the Dealer Liaison. Dealers doing so must schedule use through the Dealer Liaison and prepay a charge of fifty dollars ($50) per hour or part-hour for each use of the elevator. Vehicles can pull into the loading area to unload if the freight elevator has been scheduled. Passenger elevators are available for merchandise loaded in suitcases or similarly sized items.

The set up and take down schedule listed above is for your convenience. All dealers must be prepared to accept sales by noon Friday. The exhibit space will be considered abandoned and all payments for the space will be forfeited if the dealer is not in place by that time.

Dealers will have access to the room one hour before the room is open each day for set-up of merchandise. Likewise, dealers have access for one hour following the room’s closing to secure their merchandise each night.

No acceptance of delivery on behalf of Dealers will be provided without prior written authorization.

Tables & Dealer Space:

The Dealer Room is located in the Grand Couteau room on the main convention floor near the main space (grand ballroom) and registration. Tables are no less than six feet by two-and-a-half feet (72” x 30”). There will be a minimum of two feet (24”) behind each table for staffing and supplies. Tables and table draping will be provided unless a dealer indicates that tables are not desired.

Dealers may not sublet, share, or assign tables to others.

To provide a vibrant shopping experience for our attendees, all Dealers are expected to use the space reserved. Tables may be reallocated, without refund, and Dealer memberships may be forfeited without refund if space reserved is not reasonably used for merchandise as listed on the application. Dealer tables are provided solely for the purpose of selling merchandise; any other use may result in the forfeiture, without refund, of the Dealer’s membership and removal from the convention.

Room Layout:

The Dealer Liaison will provide each dealer with a table ID for each table ordered. A room layout showing table IDs will be provided to each dealer and will be posted during set-up times. Dealer Liaison will consider but cannot guarantee any dealer will be located in a particular section of the Dealer Room. Table assignments are at the sole discretion of Dealer Liaison.

It is likely that a Dealer will need to pass behind another Dealer to obtain access to the correct space. Please be courteous of one another with booth set-up and allow others to pass. When passing through another Dealer’s space, please ensure you are careful of their inventory. Repeated rudeness or disdain for another Dealer is cause for removal and forfeiture of membership.


Our intention is to provide attendees with a wide variety of merchandise and to provide our Dealers with an opportunity to market their goods without excessive competition. To ensure both of these are accomplished, Dealers are expected to sell merchandise as described on the Dealer Membership Application in the price range(s) disclosed. No significant variation in merchandise or pricing will be permitted without the expressed consent of the Dealer Liaison. The Dealer Liaison has sole discretion in permitting or not permitting additional or alternative inventory categories for any Dealer.

While we are working to provide variety in the Dealers’ Room, no Dealer is offered a guarantee or assurance that their merchandise will not be available through another Dealer.

Dealer will not sell or display illegally manufactured items or copied items at the convention. All items displayed or offered for sale shall be properly licensed and legally manufactured and the burden of proof of legitimacy rests with the dealer. Dealers must remove from display and sale any item that is deemed to be illegitimate by the Dealer Liaison or a member of the Convention Committee. Dealer may appeal any such decision to the Convention Chairs. Decision of the Chairs is final.

The North American Discworld Convention and RavenQuoth, Inc. are family-friendly yet enjoy a good double entendre. We ask Dealers to keep this in mind when setting up, especially if adult oriented merchandise is available. This has not been a problem at other Discworld conventions and we do not expect it to be a problem this year. However, displays of explicitly sexual or violent material that are visible to children are not permitted. Displays of less than explicit material, where children could see them, should be considered by all Dealers and will be considered by the Dealer Liaison. Our intention is to permit children to freely browse and shop in the Dealers’ Room and for the Dealers to display wares of interest to Discworld fans. Dealer cooperation is necessary and Convention Committee decisions regarding merchandise displays are final.

Consult the weapons policy and Dealer Liaison if weaponry is in your merchandise.


Signage is welcome as long as it does not intrude on another Dealer’s space, aisles, or doorways. Contact the Dealer Liaison for information and potential costs related to hanging signs and banners.

Credit Card Processing:

Dealers requiring wired or wireless internet access should coordinate their needs with the Dealer Liaison.


Out of hours, the Dealers Room will be locked with limited access. Only hotel security and convention operational staff will have access to the room. The room will be cleaned only during hours when dealers are present. Despite this added locking security, dealers should remove all cash and valuables at the end of each day and keep these items secure during the room’s open hours. Dealers are responsible for their property; under no circumstances will North American Discworld Convention, RavenQuoth, Inc., or Sheraton be liable for any loss or damage of any property belonging to a dealer.


The Dealer is responsible for all damages to property that is caused by the dealer, or its agents, staff, representatives, volunteers, contractors, or assignees. RavenQuoth, Inc., North American Discworld Convention, Sheraton Hotels, Sir Terry Pratchett, their agents, enterprises, and assignees provide no insurance to Dealers and assume no responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen property. Dealer agrees to defend, compensate, and hold harmless RavenQuoth, Inc., North American Discworld Convention, Sheraton Hotels, Sir Terry Pratchett, their agents, enterprises, and assignees from any damages or other costs or expenses, including incidental ones, arising from any accident, injury or incident arising from the Dealer’s participation in the North American Discworld Convention.

Additional Rules and Regulations:

  • Dealer will wear their Convention membership Badge at all times on the Convention floor.

  • Dealer will set up and be ready for the public to purchase items during the Set Up times listed on the Dealer Room Schedule.

  • Dealer tables will be staffed during all hours the Dealer room is open to the public between Friday, September 1 and Monday, September 4.

  • Dealer will take down and remove from the premises all personal items during the Take Down times listed on the Dealer Room Schedule.

  • Dealer will ensure that all personal items have been removed from the Dealer Room by 3 p.m. on Monday,September 4.

  • Dealer signage will not be displayed anywhere at the convention other than at the Dealer’s Table(s).

  • The sale of food or beverage for on-site consumption is not permitted in the Dealers’ Room. Sales of packaged items, such as teas, are permitted by vendors indicating such items in their inventory. Any questions should be directed to the Dealer Liaison.

  • The sale of merchandise by Dealers is only permitted in the Dealers’ Room. (Note that Artist Dealers with pieces in the art gallery may sell from the art gallery without violating this policy.)

  • New Orleans sales tax (currently 10%) must be collected and is the sole responsibility of the vendor. Information on how to remit this tax and on other licensing requirements for Dealers is provided below.

  • Should the convention be cancelled due to war, fire, strike, cause of nature, or other cause beyond the control of the organizers or if the Dealers’ Room becomes unavailable and other space is not provided at the convention table fees will be refunded.

Refusal to adhere to any rule, policy, procedure, term or condition, instructions of the Dealer Liaison and Con Authorities, or repeated violations thereof may result in a Dealer being removed from the Dealer Room and revocation of membership. If a membership is revoked, all fees paid will be forfeited.

Interpretation of all rules and policies is with the Convention Committee and RavenQuoth, Inc. Directors.

Louisiana State Sales Tax Information

The combined sales tax rate for New Orleans, LA is 10%. This is the total of state, county and city sales tax rates. The Louisiana state sales tax rate is currently 5%. The Jefferson Parish sales tax rate is 5%.

If you have any questions about the Louisiana State Sales Tax, visit the state’s website: http://revenue.louisiana.gov/SalesTax or contact the Louisiana State Comptroller’s Office at 855.307.3893.

Louisiana State Licensing Information