Welcome to NADWCON 2017

At The Con

With a wide variety of programming that happens at a Discworld convention, we're sure you'll find plenty to interest you. Our schedule* is now available online! Simply select a day, then to see each program's description just click it!





We also have some handy maps to help you will your traveling about the convention space - Show me the Maps!

The Genuan Pub Quiz will take place at 8pm on Thursday night, as tradition dictates. Come and test your brains, or somebody else's brains, or at least something that could be mistaken for brains in poor light at the almost-traditional DW Pub Quiz. Fame**, Glory**, Questions, Prizes are all available.

Location: Ankh-Morpork

* While we will endeavor to keep program changes to a minimum, please be aware that they are as inevitable as DEATH and taxes, and that we will ensure that changes are communicated as early and as widely as possible.

**There will be neither fame nor glory.