Welcome to NADWCON 2017

TO ENTER and reserve your space in the Art Show: please complete the forms provided on this website. Please be sure to keep a copy of your information for your own records.

Entry Rules/Requirements:

  1. Membership to the convention is a requirement.  If you are not planning to attend YOU CAN STILL SHOW YOUR WORK! Your work may be brought to the convention by an attending member (“agent”).  This Agent will be responsible for your work (i.e. bringing and picking up).

  1. IT is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that themes of all artwork for the convention should be fantasy or science fiction oriented though not required. Since this is the NADWCon 2017 Art Show, we allow artists to create “Fan” artwork based upon the works of Sir Terry Pratchett, as long as it is not a copy or reproduction of an already published artwork or illustration.  

  1. ***IN MEMORIAM*** We hope to have a special section for works of art dedicated to the Memorial of Sir Terry Pratchett...Please consider this when creating****

  1. We will allow all 2-d/3-d/relief and single copies of signed, limited edition prints in the Art Show.  This may include traditional and nontraditional mediums as well as craft or fiber arts etc. If you plan to include a kit, mold, or commercial pattern in your work; it must also include (or be altered) as to make it the Artist's own unique piece. (We are trying to avoid 20 of the same character all done the same way here.)  If you have any questions on these issues, please contact us at artshow@nadwcon.org. We are HAPPY to work with you!

  1. NADWCon 2017 reserves the right to refuse to exhibit any piece of art for any reason. We will not allow any works deemed to be obscene, plagiaristic, libelous or in any way harmful to the value of trademarked characters or images.

  1. We DO allow NFS (Not For Sale) items, they should be labeled Not for Sale or NFS on the Bid Sheet.

  1. Artwork must be labeled clearly, and a Bid Sheet must be provided for each piece, EVEN if it is Not for Sale.  (NFS will be noted on bid sheet) Please print the information legibly! (As the Art Show coordinator already needs thick glasses and is not adept at deciphering bad handwriting.)

  1. All 3-d art must stand or be supported by itself or be stable sitting on a table or platform.  We strongly suggest that small three-dimensional artwork, such as jewelry or very small sculptures, should be displayed within a closed display case or securely fastened to a larger board or other device for display. All 2-d art/relief must be ready to hang securely.  This means art must be framed or matted (drawing/ink/watercolor etc) or if on stretched canvas or hardboard be wired or have the appropriate metal hanger attached.

  1. While we will have strong measures taken for the protection of all artwork displayed in the Art Show, NADWCon 2017 and RavenQuoth, Inc. are not responsible nor liable for damage to or theft of any items displayed.

  1. Check-in of your artwork will be on Friday Sept 01. The update on hours for check-in will be

            provided in advance. Art must remain up/displayed until after the Art Auction, on Sunday.

  1. Artists will receive a copy of Control/Inventory Sheet as a receipt for art entered into the show, this and identification will be needed when you (or your Agent) to pick up any unsold artwork. If you cannot pick up your artwork, it will be necessary for you to contact the Art Show Coordinators prior to the end of the convention.  

  1. In order to protect the rights of the artist, we will not allow photography of any work of art in the Art Show without the permission of both the Art Show Coordinators and the individual artist whose work is being photographed. Please do not give permission to anyone to photograph your artwork without also getting permission from the Art Show Coordinators. Press photographers may be allowed take wide-angle shots of the room; however, no press photographers will be allowed to take photos of individual artists' displays without express permission from both the Art Show Coordinators and the individual artists.

  1. You are welcome to include in your display a description of your art background as well as your artwork, including themes, materials and techniques, along with a website or blog or other online information if you have them. You are also welcome to include business cards.  

  1. Due to possible Copyright infringement only licensed  artists will be allowed to sell prints of any work including or referencing Sir Terry Pratchett.


Quicksale/Auction Details

  1. The minimum bid listed on your bid sheet will be the lowest price you will accept for the sale of that item.

  2. If you decide to place a Quick Sale price on an item, please set that price higher than your minimum bid, since if a buyer chooses the Quick Sale price, that item will not go to auction. Of course you may choose not to put a Quick Sale price on any of your pieces.

  3. Each piece that receives three or more written bids will be placed in the Auction, therefore, choose your minimum bid price with this in mind.

  4. Auction items (and all Quick Sales) are subject to 10% commission on each piece of artwork sold.

  5. All payments to Artists will be made by check and be issued at the end of NADWCon 2017.  Please provide an SASE with your entry so that it may be mailed to you ASAP. Note: For security checks will only be made out directly to artists.


Awards and Prizes

  1. By entering the Art Show you are eligible to be judged by our guest artist/s.

  2. A prize/ribbon will be awarded to the top entry in each area: Amateur, Professional and Young Artist (High school).  As Well as a Best in Show and People’s Choice.

  3. Awards will be chosen solely on Judge’s Preference and all decisions of the Judge/s are final.

  4. A Special Category for BUDDING Artists (Middle School and under) will be included this year.  Each artist will receive a participation ribbon/certificate.